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Frequently Asked Questions

Agency Policy Questions:

How Late Can I Be for My Appointment?

What is the Cancellation / Reschedule Policy?

Why is Rescheduling treated the same as Cancelling?

Online Portal

What is the Name of Your Online Portal?

How Do I Access the Portal?

May I Book my Appointments through the Portal?

I Have Multiple Family Members that Attend Sessions Here, Can I see All their Appointments, Forms, and Book More Appointments on my Portal?

How Do I Update my Email, Phone Number, or Address?


I Have a Telehealth Appointment. How do I get on for my Appointment? 

Should I Test my Video and Audio before my Telehealth Session?

What are Some Guidelines for my Telehealth Appointment?


What is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern / Registered Clinical Social Work Intern?

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